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My mural number 100

2017-03-01 07:35:26 by Munguia


Thank you (agradecimiento por los alimentos) is my mural number 100, and i painted the last febrary at S.O.S. Children Village on Costa Rica, at last 90 kids live in this place on 15 houses.

I was painting there between december and febrary 7 murals, let me show you


1-"Thank you", all kids eats togheter per house with their "Aunt" everyday, they share their food with me, i´m thankful

This mural is at adminstration office 1, and yes is kinda "Da Vinci´s last supper" interpretation.


2-Traditional games

At administration office too, the children here can play, i saw them very happy playing Marbles, jumping ropes, blowing bubbles, ...



This mural is painted on one of the children houses, kids between 2 and 18 years old lives in this place


Small children live in this house, they love dinosaurs, you know this is Costa Rica where Jurasic Park is (LOL)


4-Soccer Play

Girls and boys love to play soccer at SOS Village, healthy and funny 


5-Concentration and balance

Many Volunteers come to the Village to teach yoga, martial arts, capoeira, ...Healthy mind in healthy body


6-Hip Hop and Breakdance with costarrican representative animals

Kids here love the rap music and breakdancing, this is costarrican style.


7-Hope House

This one is the biggest in here, and was the first i painted in SOS village, at Hope House the children come to activities, classes, parties and have fun



Soccer Mural Detail


As usual some of the kids help me to paint, i teach some techniques with this artistic experience



Left detail, "Thank you" (not in the first picture)

the chlldren here take care of many dutties, they wash their own dishes after eating, they help with the house cleaning, take the garbage out, keep the plants nice...

I´m pretty happy, this place is beautiful and full of love, i have 100 murals and 7 of them are here.

you can check a couple of vides on quick shoots fast camera with the process of painting of Soccer and Hip Hop Murals


Children rights mural 2nd part

2017-01-30 15:18:26 by Munguia

I started the year with this mural a couple of weeks ago, the 2nd part of Children Rights mural 


The mural is next to the last one (at the end on the right) in the PANI (costarrican children institution)


A personal version of "The dance" by Henri Matisse, this time about equal rights for any children no matter the gender, status, colour skin, religion, nationality...


Right for education, Children and teens go to high school and elementary, to the right, the righ of identity.


The right for protection


This mural was painted at january 7th,14th and 15th  2017

The fist part was painted at june 2016



SOS children village Mural

2016-12-22 07:03:39 by Munguia

I´m painting those days on SOS Children Village Costa Rica, very happy to be here! this is the first mural on "HOPE HOUSE" where the children goes to cultural activities, i painted 2 faces of the house:


Right Face of the house





The Hope House is under improvement, windows, ceilings and other details are being fixed



Front datails




The SOS Children Village logo under my style


Enthusiastic children collaborated with the pictorial process

Before and after


Highly recommend the transformative power of art

Coming next

Hip Hop Animalistic




This is my new mural named "The Giant of the rooftops" it´s painted on Cristo Rey a popular hood on Costa Rica (7x2.3mts), it was a preetty abandoned corner, very dirt where people used to throw garbarge, so the goberment, the police station, and the comunity join with me to recovert the place, they clean, sow grass and trees, i made the painting.


most of murals are supported by community, private enterprise, public force, Ministry of Justice, National Child Welfare Agency...we all work togheter to improve the landscape of our neighborhoods.


A neighbor told the story about a giant who knocks the roofs in the homes of people fighting to stop the violence


Painted on Oct 29TH 2016

Children rights mural

2016-09-06 11:12:03 by Munguia

Hi everyone, this is my new mural and it is about children rights, it was painted in 8 hours, some university students help  me, The mural is in PANI office in Costa Rica, (National Children welfare) check it


Children are equal no matter race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.


Children have rights to play in a safe place, join with nature and friendly environment


All children have right to have a family and right to be protected from abuse, neglect, or other maltreatment


Any children have the right to needed developmental and educational services.


 children have the right to participate in decision-making processes within the family, the school or the community


Any children have right for heath care, and  heathy behaviors

Check my New Mural

2016-07-25 10:06:14 by Munguia

I painted this in 4 days with the help of the neighbors, at least 80 people join me on this action, children and adults enjoy the time of art in their playground the past week


We used 22 quarters of acrylic paint, This place is San Cayetano a popular neighborhood in Costa Rica


Check some details

Playing sports in family time


Eat something good when you play sports

A place for traditional games

Have fun at any age

Here we are changing the landscape

7 school doors, 2 markers and 3 hours

2016-03-11 06:43:32 by Munguia

with just 2 artline black markers i made a lot of drawings on 7 classroom doors, i spent almost 3 hours, cheap and easy but good. thats what i can do with 3 dollars to help to make an nicer place.







Betania School very close to my house, i dont won any money of this, my sons are studing behind those walls 

Pigs L PixeL NewEdition

2016-01-25 18:49:02 by Munguia


Pigs L Pixel Latest version improves:

  • Original size is 64x64 but stencyl re size x4 to 256x256, NewGrounds can zoom the game to 512x512
  • As a Rage game you can die a lot of times, so i made two medalls for you for be so pattient at dying. Rage if you Died 10 times and Rage plus if you Died 20 times.
  • King Pigs L medall is not available anymore, but don´t worry the 100 points are now in two different unlock places, if you win All 10 levels after find Pixi, you can show her love with a nice candle light dinner on your cave and give her a summer kiss on the beach, two medals if you do that.
  • Now 3 hidden places on map are here to be found, 2 bonus of diamonds, each level with 1 extra medal and once secret place with a new medal too, just follow the water.
  • Now WASD system is added

Pigs L Pixel TIPS

  • Don´t get mad, be patient
  • Look for Pixi Ring for Double Jump, you can find it at Level 2 by the cementery, if you do that you can perform an extra helpful jump
  • All levels are open except 9 and 10 , so you can go anyplace freely, you can start with level 2 and find the Ring from the beginin


Theres was a previous version of this game back in 2014 made on game maker, only .exe available, this Flash version contains new material and all diffents levels, animations, characters and new sounds and music, all chiptunes made in 2016.

My Latest Mural

2015-12-29 18:48:34 by Munguia


Happy Hollydays Newgrounders

THis is my latest Mural "All for one and One for All" it was paint on Costa Rica, for the project "Walls of the world" by Art for all, it was projected on public walls on Amsterdam, Malaga and Miami next to another 99 murals from the world, it was about "The international volunteer day" the past Dec 5th.

Check more about other murals of my own and this project at


check stopmotion video of this mural


Guitar Hero Medals

2015-06-25 21:33:24 by Munguia

If you get stuck on Guitar Hero this post will help you

4459946_143528171592_Captura1.jpgThe Fist  Medal comes if you find the Blue coin, you need to stand up over the higher plant, then the coin will appair on window. you can´t go back to this room so you need to start with right food (i can only make 100 events with free edition on construct2)


4459946_143528184772_Captura2.jpgIf you get the red key out of the pot on main hall you can open the 1st door, a red coin is behind the hanging clothes, the Grammy is under the pile of dirty clothes, just walk straight under it.


4459946_143528196882_Captura3.jpgThis room is tricky, you need to get into window to see inside the tube you will find the Emmy there, the yellow coin will appear if you stand up over the furniture and jump, then jump over the tube to reach the coin.

4459946_143528209273_Captura4.jpgIf you get the Yellow key from bathroom you can open the 2nd door on main hall, the room is really a troll trick, if you reach behind the cortains you will find the MTV award, the safe box is a headache if you dont read how the box tells you ZZZ, press and hold z to push or pull box, ja ja ja ja ja, i told you seems easy but is not, you can play the game if you know the answers in 2 minutes. if you dont know now you know.

welcome to my admission on Deception Jam