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My mural number 100

2017-03-01 07:35:26 by Munguia


Thank you (agradecimiento por los alimentos) is my mural number 100, and i painted the last febrary at S.O.S. Children Village on Costa Rica, at last 90 kids live in this place on 15 houses.

I was painting there between december and febrary 7 murals, let me show you


1-"Thank you", all kids eats togheter per house with their "Aunt" everyday, they share their food with me, i´m thankful

This mural is at adminstration office 1, and yes is kinda "Da Vinci´s last supper" interpretation.


2-Traditional games

At administration office too, the children here can play, i saw them very happy playing Marbles, jumping ropes, blowing bubbles, ...



This mural is painted on one of the children houses, kids between 2 and 18 years old lives in this place


Small children live in this house, they love dinosaurs, you know this is Costa Rica where Jurasic Park is (LOL)


4-Soccer Play

Girls and boys love to play soccer at SOS Village, healthy and funny 


5-Concentration and balance

Many Volunteers come to the Village to teach yoga, martial arts, capoeira, ...Healthy mind in healthy body


6-Hip Hop and Breakdance with costarrican representative animals

Kids here love the rap music and breakdancing, this is costarrican style.


7-Hope House

This one is the biggest in here, and was the first i painted in SOS village, at Hope House the children come to activities, classes, parties and have fun



Soccer Mural Detail


As usual some of the kids help me to paint, i teach some techniques with this artistic experience



Left detail, "Thank you" (not in the first picture)

the chlldren here take care of many dutties, they wash their own dishes after eating, they help with the house cleaning, take the garbage out, keep the plants nice...

I´m pretty happy, this place is beautiful and full of love, i have 100 murals and 7 of them are here.

you can check a couple of vides on quick shoots fast camera with the process of painting of Soccer and Hip Hop Murals





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2017-03-01 15:09:36

Wonderful stuff!


2017-03-01 21:00:51

I wish I had a heart in my hollow tin chest to appreciate this...


2017-03-02 11:16:47

I love seeing your art all over these buildings! You're doing great work with these murals, congrats on hitting 100!


2017-03-04 14:43:34

Your art has such a unique look, I love it!


2017-04-24 04:46:09

In what all countries do you have murals? Do people seek you out and commission you to do these or do you ask around and see if anyone will let you paint one?

Munguia responds:

Hi NeonSpider, most of my mural are in my country Costa Rica, most of them are in urban popular neightborhoods and public spaces, but the ONU let me paint one in Spain and 3 murals on Honduras, 20 years ago i used to work on principal news paper of CR as diagramator and making daily drawings and comic strips for 4 years, then the Municipality of San José ask me for painting 300 mts long mural, i took the offert and painted the largest mural on my country as an start for a muralist, then people seek me for my services, city halls, public and private entities, galleries, schools, ...sometimes i accept to give special donations for social interest entities. I've been in different urban planning projects of many kinds since 2003, if you want a mural, just let me know.


2017-07-15 11:31:28

These are really nice!

Munguia responds:

Thanks, I´m glad you like it, :)


2017-08-20 10:21:21