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Munguia's News

Posted by Munguia - September 6th, 2016

Hi everyone, this is my new mural and it is about children rights, it was painted in 8 hours, some university students help  me, The mural is in PANI office in Costa Rica, (National Children welfare) check it


Children are equal no matter race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.


Children have rights to play in a safe place, join with nature and friendly environment


All children have right to have a family and right to be protected from abuse, neglect, or other maltreatment


Any children have the right to needed developmental and educational services.


 children have the right to participate in decision-making processes within the family, the school or the community


Any children have right for heath care, and  heathy behaviors

Posted by Munguia - July 25th, 2016

I painted this in 4 days with the help of the neighbors, at least 80 people join me on this action, children and adults enjoy the time of art in their playground the past week


We used 22 quarters of acrylic paint, This place is San Cayetano a popular neighborhood in Costa Rica


Check some details

Playing sports in family time


Eat something good when you play sports

A place for traditional games

Have fun at any age

Here we are changing the landscape

Posted by Munguia - March 11th, 2016

with just 2 artline black markers i made a lot of drawings on 7 classroom doors, i spent almost 3 hours, cheap and easy but good. thats what i can do with 3 dollars to help to make an nicer place.








Betania School very close to my house, i dont won any money of this, my sons are studing behind those walls 

Posted by Munguia - January 25th, 2016


Pigs L Pixel Latest version improves:

  • Original size is 64x64 but stencyl re size x4 to 256x256, NewGrounds can zoom the game to 512x512
  • As a Rage game you can die a lot of times, so i made two medalls for you for be so pattient at dying. Rage if you Died 10 times and Rage plus if you Died 20 times.
  • King Pigs L medall is not available anymore, but don´t worry the 100 points are now in two different unlock places, if you win All 10 levels after find Pixi, you can show her love with a nice candle light dinner on your cave and give her a summer kiss on the beach, two medals if you do that.
  • Now 3 hidden places on map are here to be found, 2 bonus of diamonds, each level with 1 extra medal and once secret place with a new medal too, just follow the water.
  • Now WASD system is added

Pigs L Pixel TIPS

  • Don´t get mad, be patient
  • Look for Pixi Ring for Double Jump, you can find it at Level 2 by the cementery, if you do that you can perform an extra helpful jump
  • All levels are open except 9 and 10 , so you can go anyplace freely, you can start with level 2 and find the Ring from the beginin


Theres was a previous version of this game back in 2014 made on game maker, only .exe available, this Flash version contains new material and all diffents levels, animations, characters and new sounds and music, all chiptunes made in 2016.

Posted by Munguia - December 29th, 2015


Happy Hollydays Newgrounders

THis is my latest Mural "All for one and One for All" it was paint on Costa Rica, for the project "Walls of the world" by Art for all, it was projected on public walls on Amsterdam, Malaga and Miami next to another 99 murals from the world, it was about "The international volunteer day" the past Dec 5th.

Check more about other murals of my own and this project at http://muralesdemunguia.blogspot.com/2015/12/todos-para-uno-y-uno-para-todos.html


check stopmotion video of this mural



Posted by Munguia - June 25th, 2015

If you get stuck on Guitar Hero this post will help you

4459946_143528171592_Captura1.jpgThe Fist  Medal comes if you find the Blue coin, you need to stand up over the higher plant, then the coin will appair on window. you can´t go back to this room so you need to start with right food (i can only make 100 events with free edition on construct2)


4459946_143528184772_Captura2.jpgIf you get the red key out of the pot on main hall you can open the 1st door, a red coin is behind the hanging clothes, the Grammy is under the pile of dirty clothes, just walk straight under it.


4459946_143528196882_Captura3.jpgThis room is tricky, you need to get into window to see inside the tube you will find the Emmy there, the yellow coin will appear if you stand up over the furniture and jump, then jump over the tube to reach the coin.

4459946_143528209273_Captura4.jpgIf you get the Yellow key from bathroom you can open the 2nd door on main hall, the room is really a troll trick, if you reach behind the cortains you will find the MTV award, the safe box is a headache if you dont read how the box tells you ZZZ, press and hold z to push or pull box, ja ja ja ja ja, i told you seems easy but is not, you can play the game if you know the answers in 2 minutes. if you dont know now you know.

welcome to my admission on Deception Jam


Posted by Munguia - March 7th, 2015

Hi Newgrounds, thanks for playing and comment Super Mario Loops, for this latest upgrade i fixed must of the bugs you found, The music and sounds are working much better this time,  Bad piggie goes with better jumps, some extra instructions you will find on your way, remember to press down on tubes and doors, x and Space are the action keys.

some medalls are hard to find, let me help you with that

4459946_142573599582_2corazones.jpgBig Heart Medall, you need to fill your heart container, play as link on middle Castle, 4 hearts are on the same stage, at start where bowser is there are 2 hidden boxes, 2 first hearts, the other 2 hearts are at the end of the stage,  next and under Miss Pac Man is. break all the boxes to find the underground secret pass, the last ruppes you need for the Ruppe Medall are there too.

4459946_142573652143_Skultullatoken.jpgThe Skultulla Tokens are behind the Spiders, are two on same stage, just jump over the spider and press x to use the hero sword and cut the web, get the 2 tokens to win the medall.


Free Medall

Some places theres boxes you can hit as Mario or as the other Character, in this case, on Ghost House you need to hit the box as a Ghost if you want to set free the Pacman Ghost to win the badge.


The Ghost coins are in the same stage you find the free ghost, are 3 dont forget too look at any corner.


Bad piggies love eggs, you will Find the "Yoshi egg" medal only if  you hit the box as a pig, if you do as Mario a non helpful power up Mushroom will appear

Yoshi Coins 2 are visible, but the 3rd one is tricky, only appear if you are close enough, see in next image as middle coin.


4459946_142573705871_pikos.jpgRemember, as a ghost you dont die by spikes or by touching other ghost, avoid Pac Man and Ghostbusters technology

4459946_142573734952_tubo3.jpgTo get the 100 coins you need to find em at Level 1, if you find the right tube you will go to many places avoid the shortcut to Pole Castle to find more coins, if you win level and out or escape to map coins will be reset to 0 again.

if you need any help just writte.

Take a look into the new Stop Motion made with FL STUDIO and super Mario Loops Characters




Posted by Munguia - February 22nd, 2015

Super Mario Loops

My  new game will be for the next week and its graphics are totally made with FL STUDIO, yes, the Fruity loops, i normally use it for make some crazy music tracks, but i love the pixel patterns from Piano Roll to created images, and those images ends on  Sprites, Backgrounds, icons and animations, really cool.

The animations are based on originals check Nyan the Cat on video Stop Motion Loop



I made a parody after Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World mash up with other classic from Happy NES era, some Atari love mix up with some new stuff from Internet time.


All images are based on classic pixel art but the situations are on other way


Screenshots from Super Mario Loops


The animations are based on originals check Nyan the Cat on video Stop Motion Loop




Posted by Munguia - November 16th, 2014

4459946_141614608933_1.jpgHi everyone, some users has some problems with the file of Word Play and the game dont load at all or crash after 1st room, if you are one of them dont worry anymore, i just uploaded a brand new file and it´s working.

Sorry for that, i took like 7 games after to realize that problem, well, it´s better late than never

Anyway, if you have not play this game, this is the time, check my series of "CalcaMunguías" a bunch of word plays, very funny and clever, find the easy 5 differences per cartoon, there´s 16

Have Fun!



Posted by Munguia - November 8th, 2014

Hi everyone, Now you can follow the Famous Paintings Parodies on Face Book, check: https://www.facebook.com/Famouspaintingsparodies

you know i just can´t stop making parodies and searching for cool classic paintings, check on the New Fan Page for Galleries, Daily Parodies, News, and upcoming artworks for the Horror Paintings Parodies 2, coming soon here on NG.

I just started the page right now so, come and join us