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Munguia's News

Posted by Munguia - September 20th, 2014

Check my new episode of Famous Paintings Parodies N5

30  new parodies to test how much you know about art.

if you need any help, you can check this video 



IM working on Famous Paintings Parodies 6 with a lot of new Material, New Artist and painting have been parodied for the fist time (for me), check a Preview





Posted by Munguia - September 12th, 2014



It seems this game has no objetives, but the only one is a looking for dying while you play lot of lives,  Play as a Poacher who at death is rejected from heaven, he is sent to hell and then also reject it, so he reincarnated back to life 19 times

HandMade Graphics


Pig Reincarnation


Reincarnation is one of my first games ever, i start  it on my first month as a developer 4 years ago, First version was made on Game Maker, at that time i wasnt able to make physic or good Collisions, 1st version was full of bugs, but any way users likes the Graphics and Story, but game issues was really down. Months Later i improve on basics elements, better Physics and collisions. 2 years ago i remake the game with new knowledge, many reincarnations and upgrades was add. that version was on Game Maker too, if you want to take a look and download the .EXE version for PC check:



I Made the Flash version for NewGrounds with Stencyl, 80% of drawings were made in 2010 but this time the game is shorter and the file is Lower, characters are faster, every Reincarnation Version has differences, backgrounds, sprite elements displays, options, levels, characters, dialogues and Finals, no Reincarnation Game has the same ending.

Check the new version here on NewGrounds, thanks for the PBot 4th Daily Place, and thanks for the plays and reviews. :)

Posted by Munguia - August 2nd, 2014

Start a new live been independent is so exciting, Nose Nose, all you need to do is make the right move

Theres 8 levels with 4 differents Nose Jobs, Fireman, Doctor, Policeman and Farmer, everybody nose time is money

if you need extra help you can press up and down at same time on Level Selector Room to open all rooms

remember behind every great nose theres a great person


Posted by Munguia - July 3rd, 2014

Hi newgrounders, Glitchenstein game has a cheat code, if the game goes well until you find a hard level almost unbeatable, there is an extra help :), you can go to Select Level Room and press up and down at same time, and voila... all room are open.


Developer Glitchenstein is a Dr Frankeinstain parody game, my version is about an odd criatured created by Developer Glitchenstein, the creatured moves with inverted moves, duck with down, jump with up, goes right with left and left with right, Platform Puzzle style for Glitch Jam, "is not a Glitch is a feature"


The game was made with Stencyl, the Graphics with Wacom Bambo Tablet and the music with FL STUDIO

if you need a little help but dont like to use the cheat code keys you can take a look into the Walkthough video to watch all game play levels

All Levels from 1 to 15


Last levels from 15 till the End



Posted by Munguia - June 22nd, 2014

HI Newgrounders, my new game Ambidextrous 4 is upload here on Newgrounds, 40 new levels will test how ambidextrous you are, yes!, try your skills with left and right hands at same time, i know you can do it.

This time im using Pixel Graphics into my style, 



Use arrows for Right Hand and WASD for left hand, remember if you want to play this game in the right way you should use both hands at same time, make mirror moves, trust your hands, this is a Symmetric world left and right are equals, a step by key press, it allow you to count your moves for easy symultaneous reflex.


There are 7 missions on 40 levels, each mission is the dream of a body part, but a dual part, like: Hands, Eyes, Ears, Feet, Lungs, Brains.


This is a Puzzle Game, each level goes harder and harder, if you win the game can submit your speed score, check the scoreboard to see who is the fastes ambidextrous in Newgrounds


You can play some levels with one hand at time, but when you go to level 8 and up you will find you need to do cordinated moves, like a coreography you will need hands on equal shape.

Check the video to see Ambidextrous 4 performance till level 15, all hands and eyes levels




you can also play Ambidextrous 2 and 3 here on my game list





Posted by Munguia - May 24th, 2014

Today is my birthday i want you to take a tour into my blog with all my Flash games but also many downloads for Mac and PC, come on and join my party


Have you seen my style into Pixels?

Pigs L Pixel is my entry for the Lowrez jam 32x32 resolution, very retro


look this game!

The Clockworker orange will fight many son of the fruits like Thor angine, the jocothunder, the crazy watermelon and many more on this funny Shooter

Shooter: Clock worker orange http://gamejolt.com/games/shooter/clock-worker-orange/11708/


what about "Bacteria"?



A Science man seems to be the last survivor of the zombie apocallipse, he spends his last days studying the micro organism responsible of turn everybody zombie






Let me tell you about "Voyeour Arkanoi 2"

you are a marauder through the suburbs looking girls with  binoculars, but be careful!, you can have trouble with the police, some protective boyfriend, or maybe you´re spying on the wrong girl.



Maybe you have play "Fat Flash"

This jumper and runner parody with the fastest superhero is featured right now on Game Maker yoyogames, you can take a look here on  NG for the flash version on my games gallery, or if you want to you can download for PC and Mac


One of my fav games "Reincanation"

Adventure game, there´s a brand new life form after any dead, Your character is a hunter who at death is rejected from heaven, he is sent to hell and then also reject it, so he reincarnated back to life 22 times, you can use different animals throughout the game, flies, lobsters, pigs, bears, armadillos among others, the graphics are handmade  and develops into cartoonish black humor


Another parody "the vimpire Diarrhea"

this is the game of a vampire who does not process well hemoglobin, so, he gets diarrhea, To make matters worse he has just over a minute to find the toilet paper and bathroom, you must collect all diamonds to buy the precious roll, but careful with the garlic,the crosses or the holy water


Antiheroes 3, 4 in 1

Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Rombo and Iron Man parodies, 4 funny stories on 1 game


go to my blog, theres more parodies, famous paintings parodies 1, 2, 3 and 4, rombo, Pandactilo a test for all your Fingers, Ambidextrous 1, 2 and 3, Tetrix, Bad Man and more





Posted by Munguia - April 24th, 2014

As i always do, i start my games based on one of my previous cartoons, this time "Nose Jobs"

FIreMan, Doctor and Police are already Pick, what other noses should i pick? ja ja ja

Builder Nose Job is already on my mind, but, what other nose should i pick? JA JA JA


The Game is about a Nose who take off and get independent from Face, starting a brand new life, Nose get a job daily for a Week, every day is a level, on Mondays Nose Jobs as Fire Man, Tuesday as Nose Doctor, wednesday as a Nose Police...  


4459946_139835381653_JOB1.pngThe Game is in Spanish and English, so dont worry this is Fire Man  Level, Anyway you can practice your spanish playing my games. ;)

Every Day Level has 2 Scenes.

every Day Level has two playing escenes and lot of jokes

On Tuesday The Nose Jobs as a Doctor on Rhinoplasty clinic (kind of a Barber Shop), first costumer is a Rhino who wants a Nipples exchange (right one to the left, left one to the right) and other "minor" surgeries to become beutiful. Lets Help Him

The Game play is so simple, is the kind of game you need to cordinate falling arrow with your arrow keys, at same time an scene is playing, dont loose your concentration, you can only have 3 chances or you will fired!

WASD Players will find some levels to test your skills as typer too, ambidextrous will find this game quite easy


Im only had 2 days out of 7,  Today Im starting Nose Jobs as Police Man, so, only Nose Tradammus can imagine whats going to happen next

Posted by Munguia - April 13th, 2014

Hi newGrounders heres is my latest game named RaggaMuffin, i spend almost 4 months doin it, it contains more than 1000 drawings, original soundtrack and it was made for spanish and english speakers

RaggaMuffin lives in the Caribbean Side of Costa Rica

On this Platform Jump and Hope style game Based on my cartoons series "CalcaMunguías",  you play as the helpful rasta cake who spends all day long helping everybody on his way

Check the Movie with animations performed by principal characters  like The Walking Dread, Bob Harley, Donut Summer and Fan, Dance Halls and more

GamePlay walkthrough comming soon

  You can unlock lots of medalls, 3 per level and extra minimissions has awards too




I made my Original Irie Music with Fl Studio you can check the Soundtrack, you can find the Roots, the Dance Halls and the Jelly Jam Characters too on this adventure


Who do you Help?

10 main mission:

Help Mom Pan Bon to find her Ring
Help Rasta Grant Father with shopping
Help your Lil Sis Cup Cake to get 3 lemons for a Drink
Help Baby Rolled Cake to sleep with a nice fairy tale
Help Donut Summer to get Hotter
Get Toilet Paper for your Brotha Cake 
Find Cherry Pie and take her for a Date
Buy some food for your Cat Cake Pet
Take a Ride with your Friend Bob Harley
and Survive the Walking Dread on Voodoo Nightmare


Mini Missions:

  • Go down your house and check your Roots
  • Find 3 Bom Bom Kidz hidden inside Ragga House
  • play and make a goal with the ice cones on the beach
  • Find the Dance Halls Secret Party (is not secret)
  • Check out the window and look the Lemon Port



A couple of minor bugs have been report, 1- you need to move first before jump on moving platforms, 2 Sometimes when you die there is no spaw death animation or appears more than one and you need to press R to restart level. 3 some times health system doesnt work and allow you to win a level without any harm, any way the game is playable till the end.


RaggaMuffin won 4th for PBOts Daiyl Picks and now is feature on front Page, Thanks very Much!






Posted by Munguia - March 8th, 2014

Coming soon new game


The sweet  story about this helpful rasta cake, platform style, RaggaMuffin lives in Caribben side of Costa Rica, Lemon city


The game will had all levels open, different task you need to complete per level, the graphics are made with Bamboo Tablet,  i´m making new soundtrack for this game, the music is kinda Irie on DJ PULP style made on FL Studio



The game will be ready in 15 days or less, i m working on comics and final details, the Game is develop in Stencyl 2








Posted by Munguia - March 2nd, 2014


Here is the new version of Famous Paintings Parodies, once again heres a cool quiz to test how much you know about famous Paintings, funny version of Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Goya, Rembrandt, Van Gogh....

You can unlock lots of medals and meet 30 more parodies

check the right anwers on this video if you want a little help