Next Game : Nose Job

2014-04-24 11:53:19 by Munguia

As i always do, i start my games based on one of my previous cartoons, this time "Nose Jobs"

FIreMan, Doctor and Police are already Pick, what other noses should i pick? ja ja ja

Builder Nose Job is already on my mind, but, what other nose should i pick? JA JA JA


The Game is about a Nose who take off and get independent from Face, starting a brand new life, Nose get a job daily for a Week, every day is a level, on Mondays Nose Jobs as Fire Man, Tuesday as Nose Doctor, wednesday as a Nose Police...  


4459946_139835381653_JOB1.pngThe Game is in Spanish and English, so dont worry this is Fire Man  Level, Anyway you can practice your spanish playing my games. ;)

Every Day Level has 2 Scenes.

every Day Level has two playing escenes and lot of jokes

On Tuesday The Nose Jobs as a Doctor on Rhinoplasty clinic (kind of a Barber Shop), first costumer is a Rhino who wants a Nipples exchange (right one to the left, left one to the right) and other "minor" surgeries to become beutiful. Lets Help Him

The Game play is so simple, is the kind of game you need to cordinate falling arrow with your arrow keys, at same time an scene is playing, dont loose your concentration, you can only have 3 chances or you will fired!

WASD Players will find some levels to test your skills as typer too, ambidextrous will find this game quite easy


Im only had 2 days out of 7,  Today Im starting Nose Jobs as Police Man, so, only Nose Tradammus can imagine whats going to happen next


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2014-05-14 22:56:50

Nice, looks like a fun concept. I like the clown nose.