RaggaMuffin ScreenShots

2014-03-08 21:36:01 by Munguia

Coming soon new game


The sweet  story about this helpful rasta cake, platform style, RaggaMuffin lives in Caribben side of Costa Rica, Lemon city


The game will had all levels open, different task you need to complete per level, the graphics are made with Bamboo Tablet,  i´m making new soundtrack for this game, the music is kinda Irie on DJ PULP style made on FL Studio



The game will be ready in 15 days or less, i m working on comics and final details, the Game is develop in Stencyl 2









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2014-03-09 00:31:31

Damn it looks awesome, cant wait to play it!

BTW the idea of adding a gallery inside the FamousPaintings Parodies games that BSEfcukde pointed out is great, because even if we could see them in Flickr, it is nice to be able to browse them with more leisure and freedom once you finish the game, and you can still put links to the painting to go to the main gallery so we can see them in a better definition, the gallery could open by parts each time you get a painting right. is worth considering.


2014-04-12 12:14:44

Bit of a bug... when you walk along the bottom of the pool, where they key is found. If you walk left all the way, you fall off the board! Also you should mention, that going to sleep, advances the game.

If you slide down the right wall (leading down), inside the first building on the first board, you disappear, and don't end up in the bottom room.